This is our first year as a faire and with the support we have been receiving we are already looking forward to many more years to come. Planned for this year we have The Knights of Mayhem with full contact jousting from horseback.  We expect to be invaded by Vikings and Pirates. We will be protected by Armored  Knights and Mounted Archers.  There will be a mix of Royalty from all different realms. Kings and Queens from castles,  from the forest,  and under the water. We are expecting to see gypsies, peasants, fairies, mermaids, sirens, sorcerers, archers, knights, trolls, ogres, witches, wizards, pirates, wenches, princesses, squires, damsels, maidens and some who have returned!  Evenings will include a Haunted House and dinner with the Royalty. So get in to costume, character and gather up the children and come to

   Murtaugh Medieval Faire!